Certified Professional Services

The permitting process in Vancouver and other BC municipalities can take a long time.

We understand how frustrating that can be. When delays add up, it’s easy to go over budget. That’s why we offer Accelerated Permit Assistance to help speed up the process.

Why Hire A Certified Professional

The Certified Professional (CP) Program is an alternative process for building permitting and monitoring of construction that helps developers streamline their projects.

It reduces the construction time.

This is because the CP accelerates the processing time of building permits for new and existing buildings. Basically, we do a full review on behalf of the city.

It ensures safety & compliance.

When you hire a CP, you can be confident the building design and construction meet all the necessary requirements.

Developers can start construction sooner.

Since the CP process is so thorough, your permit can be accelerated. This means that construction can start earlier and shave months off your construction time.

What is Accelerated Permit Assistance?

Accelerated Permit Assistance is a feature of the building development process that allows for the assistance of a building permit based on architectural plans and specifications that are largely complete. As such, Permit Assistance can be used to expedite the permitting process for projects with a simple design, or when construction documents are ready for plan review.

How do I find someone for Accelerated Permit Assistance in Vancouver?

There are only 40 Certified Professionals in BC, so they can be difficult to find. At Vivid Green, we offer Accelerated Permit Assistance as we have Certified Professionals on our team.

Need help with your Permit Assistance?