To design buildings that serve our community’s need for both function, safety, and design while also supporting the careers of future architects breaking into the industry.

We don’t just listen; we bring your ideas to life.

Rosa Salcido

The Story Behind Vivid Green Architecture

Founded in 2011 by Rosa Salcido, Vivid Green Architecture is a professional architectural design firm based in Richmond, British Columbia. We provide our clients with a unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise—always with a personal touch.

With our extensive experience in design, construction drawings, and construction administration, we can take on architectural projects all over Metro Vancouver and Western Canada. Guiding our clients every step of the way to ensure they meet their timelines, follow safety protocols, and submit permits efficiently.

We also believe that clean, functional design should be the focus of every project. Beyond that, we always ensure each building is exactly to code—so that you save time and stay on budget right from the start. With Certified Professionals on our team, we also help streamline your building permits and speed up the construction process.

Together, our team has successfully worked across a vast spectrum of architectural projects. Over the last decade, we’ve completed over 560+ projects for residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients.

Rosa’s Story

Rosa Salcido

Architect AIBC, LEED AP (BD+C)

Born and raised in Mexico, Rosa received a Bachelor of Architecture at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in 1990 before moving to Canada. Once there, she worked alongside experienced architects and perfected her skills.

Then the 2008 recession hit…

And Rosa found herself faced with a new opportunity.

She started studying at Douglas College and soon registered her own company in 2011. And Vivid Green Architecture was born. Over the years, the company outgrew Rosa’s basement and in 2016 moved to its home in Richmond. Through her dedication to high quality work on every project, Vivid Green has grown and now Rosa has over 12 full-time employees on her team.

Rosa uses an integrated approach and incorporates sustainable design wherever possible. With over 30 years of experience as an architect, Rosa knows how to handle every stage of architectural design. On every project, she brings a client-focused approach and extensive building code knowledge to ensure every step is done correctly.

Beyond that, Rosa also has 3 years of experience as a Certified Professional which allows her to help clients navigate and accelerate the building permit process. By guiding clients through project approvals and building permits with her CP certification, she has helped clients shave months off their projects.

When it comes to the community, Rosa is active on the Chamber of Commerce for Surrey and Richmond. She also takes time to give back by giving talks locally, and internationally to inspire more architects to break into the field.

It’s not just a drawing, it’s 67 pages of drawing. It’s HOW you will build the building. The connection between everything and interactions between everything. That’s what makes great architecture.

Rosa Salcido
  • Rosa Became an Architect1990
  • Registered the Company2010
  • First office space2016
  • Douglas Business Award2018
  • Team reached 12 people2020
  • Completed over 500+ Projects2022

Meet Our Team

G’uel Climacosa, IA AIBC, M.Arch, LEED AP


Fredelyn Ramos, IA, AIBC

Intern Architect

Viralkumari Vala, Dip. Arch


Reza Amini, Ph.D, M.Int.Arch, B.Arch

3D modeler

Denise Meneses, B.Arch


Farzad Kazemzadehazad M.Urban Design B.arch

3D Modeler

Samaneh Toutounchi, M.Arch, B.Arch, MEL.HPB


Samin Jorbandian M.Int.Arch, B.Arch


Sujith Valath PDD URP, B.Arch


Sonny Rubio, B.Arch




Nominations & Awards:

Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year (EYA)

Finalist for Business of the Year with Richmond Chamber of Commerce


Speaker at Universidad Autonoma de Sonora (UAS) in Mexico

Speaker at United Architects of Philippines (UAP) event

Speaker at Foreign to Trained Architects (FTAC)

Speaker at Career Path for Skilled Immigrants at Douglas College

Speaker for Vancouver Persian Architects (VPA)

Charity Projects:

Richmond Caring Place

Richmond Society for Community Living

What We Stand By


We don’t skip out on the details. Our team is committed to providing you with architectural designs that are done properly and correctly.


We bring decades of expertise and in-depth building code knowledge to every project, so you can trust your project is not a stunning design—but functional too.


We believe in having a personal touch with our clients. If you have questions, we’re available to respond and solve any concerns immediately.


We know that if you want to see change—you have to make it. That’s why we encourage eco-conscious decisions on our projects and in our office.


We don’t just design buildings, we help them express character. Our goal is to do work we are proud of and to create a lasting impression.

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